Published: 22nd January
Asbestos Removal Services

Everything You Need to Know About the Rules of Asbestos Removal in Melbourne

Many Australians are undertaking the required steps to remove harmful materials from their homes and offices. Although this is unquestionably a positive development, the danger of asbestos exposure may be substantial when abatement work is not done correctly. As a result, authorized authorities have enacted rules and limits to address the issue. Here’s a comprehensive blog to educate you on the clean-up and management of asbestos in Melbourne.

Prohibitions of Asbestos Removal

Use of Specific Equipment, Tools, or Gear

Tools and gear that cause pollution are not permitted to use asbestos-containing substances. The tools mentioned here should not be used for asbestos removal operations unless they are managed so that personal air control is performed to prevent creating more than 50% of the asbestosis threshold.

Avoid the use of the following tools:

  • Power tools include sanders, high-speed drills, saws, sanders, angle grinders.
  • High-pressure water jets
  • Brushes
  • Brooms

While employing such equipment, there seem to be appropriate control procedures. One method is to enclose or seal the instrument. Another example would be when engineering approaches such as evacuation ventilation are used. Substitutes for asbestos removal are also made accessible. Rather than employing brooms to gather material, you may use a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system.

Unlicenced Asbestos Removal

It would help if you were wary of unlicensed individuals providing asbestos removal services in Melbourne. Asbestos removal needs adequate expertise and experience, and the procedure should be carried out by a licensed specialist with certificates and permissions, as required by law. A worker of a licensed person may also do the job.

  • Class B — Class B licensees are only permitted to remove asbestos from non-friable (cannot be pummelled or crumbled by manual force) ACM.
  • Class A – The bearer of this license is authorized to do both Class B and Class A licensed asbestos services. They aren’t only permitted to remove non-friable asbestos, but they’re also permitted to remove friable asbestos (can be reduced to particles when dried).

Use of Gases and Compressed Air

The legislation prohibits using a pneumatic instrument in public locations where asbestos fibers may be dispersed into the air. For the same reason, pressurized air-driven gear is not permitted to be used within six meters of activity, including asbestos.

Pressurized air equipment, including instruments, is authorized to be used as long as an individual’s exposure does not exceed 50% of the exposure level.

Legal Requirements for Managing Household Asbestos Waste

  • Packing and Storing Asbestos – While storing asbestos debris on your property, you should take preventive measures to ensure that no one, particularly your neighbours, is harmed.
  • Asbestos Disposal – The legislation requires asbestos to be disposed of properly. As the garbage holder, you should ensure that the asbestos is properly disposed of.
  • Tracking of Asbestos Waste – Your obligation does not cease when you hand over the rubbish to contractors. This is part of your responsibility to determine whether the asbestos was properly disposed of.

Asbestos Penalties for Violation

As per the Environmental Protection Agency, failing to obey the laws and standards outlined above might result in a fine of up to $7,500 for a single person.

On the other extreme, a corporation is required to pay the penalty of $15,000. If the case goes to trial, the punishment for violating asbestos removal regulations may be as much as $1,000,000 if the company is found guilty.

Get the Best Possible Help from the Asbestos Removal Professionals!

Asbestos removal is a necessary procedure that must be handled with care. Following these regulations and standards would spare you from incurring fines and protect you from the hazards of asbestos exposure. When you have any more concerns concerning the requirements for asbestos removal in Melbourne, it is preferable to seek guidance from official authorities or experts in the field, such as licensed Asbestos Removal Melbourne.