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Asbestos Clearance Certificate for Your Home or Industrial Property in Victoria

A clearance certificate is a safety-compliant document given to a structure or a building that has undergone the process of asbestos removal. This document shows that a detailed inspection has been performed by an experienced A class asbestos assessor and declares that the building is safe to be occupied. This inspection task must be performed by a fully licensed asbestos assessor who is aware of everything involved.
Although asbestos building products are beneficial, they can cause big damage to your health. Therefore, the use of asbestos building products is banned in most countries. There are two main categories of asbestos:

• Friable asbestos comes in powder form and can easily be broken down or otherwise allowed to get airborne.
• Non-firable asbestos is bonded. The fibro that was used in old buildings is the most common example of non-friable asbestos.

Asbestos Removed is Proud to Offer Clearance Certificate in Melbourne
Friable asbestos is a very dangerous type of asbestos. So the highest level of professionalism and care must be used while it is being disposed of. The asbestos removal experts who handle friable asbestos must have an A-class license. The person who performs inspection and issues the Clearance Certificate must be certified. Non-friable asbestos must be handled by a removal expert holding a B Class license.
At Asbestos Removed, we have a credible team of highly experienced and licensed asbestos assessors and experts who will work with you to make your residential property or workplace asbestos-free. They are friendly and committed to bringing you the best service you can’t find anywhere else in Victoria.
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Working with Asbestos Removed for your clearance certificate will have the following advantages:

• Competitive rates
• Independent inspection by highly experienced and licensed assessors
• Same day report
• We serve all areas of Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Western Suburbs of Melbourne, and Northern Suburbs of Melbourne
• Effective communication with workers to ensure the required standard is accomplished and maintained in little to no time

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We at Asbestos Removed are a fully licensed company that has been serving the people of Victoria for 20 years. From asbestos removal, asbestos clearance certificate to hazmat audit, we do it all with the greatest efficiency and reliability. This is why the majority of homeowners and businesses in Victoria contact us for all their asbestos-related needs.
We are proud to be ranked among Victoria’s top leading asbestos removal companies. We are fully capable of performing all types of asbestos-related removal tasks all over Victoria. We also offer asbestos testing for commercial properties, residential properties, and industrial sites. While working with our technicians, you don’t have to worry about anything. Equal attention is given to all aspects involved to ensure everything goes as smoothly and safely as planned. Our customers don’t have to take care of anything; all they need to do is contact us.

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