Published: 2nd June
Asbestos Removal Services

Questions to Ask When Contracting Asbestos Removal Company

If your commercial building or house was constructed in the 80s and hasn’t seen a lot of renovations since then, the chances are that there is lots of asbestos hidden in its walls, columns, and floor. If you suspect that it is the case, the first thing to do would be to have your property inspected, and if any asbestos is found, the next step would be to have it removed by a professional. Leaving it there would mean risking your family’s health or facing a potentially expensive legal liability for exposing your workers or tenants to asbestos.

However, when choosing an asbestos removal company in Melbourne, not all companies are equal. While some of them have the required certification, are experienced, are reliable, and are up to speed on every new industry practice and technique, others are only interested in making money off the property owner’s misfortune of discovering asbestos on their property. Asbestos removal is a hazardous job and involves identifying, removing, and encapsulating toxic materials, so it’s best handled by the best professionals.

Below are a few questions to ask when contracting an asbestos removal company:

Always ask for the asbestos removal company’s qualifications. Ask them to show you their license and other necessary certifications required by local laws for asbestos removal in Melbourne.

Does the asbestos removal company have licensed technicians who are trained in the local government’s asbestos removal guidelines and have passed necessary background checks? A company having an asbestos removal license doesn’t mean that all its staff is licensed or trained as well.

Does the company have all the necessary safety gear needed to keep themselves and everyone around safe?

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Asbestos is not like the usual waste that can be dumped in a regular dumpster or burnt in your backyard. So along with considering the cost of asbestos removal, it is important to ask what happens once it is removed. Does the company have any extra charges for its disposal? A reliable company would dispose of the waste safely and effectively, following all the local regulations.

Does the company you choose offer protection through liability insurance? The asbestos removal process involves breaking/dismantling and fixing the affected areas of your property, which can cause accidental damage to the building’s structure. With a company that offers liability insurance, you can rest easy knowing that in case anything goes wrong, you are covered.

Ask to make sure that the asbestos removal company has proper equipment and process for encapsulating asbestos. Encapsulation means covering the asbestos with a strong protective barrier to lower the risks of exposure, which often lowers the asbestos removal costs.

Not all asbestos removal contractors are the same. Some companies specialize just in asbestos removal, while many offer general contract and environmental services, which may include asbestos removal. And even among asbestos removal specialists, most companies would offer a specific range of services, i.e., testing services, removal of asbestos, and reinstate and/or rebuilding services. So it’s important to have a clear understanding of what that particular company offers.

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