Published: 28th April
Asbestos Removal Services

Where to find the asbestos tile removal services in Melbourne ?

Asbestos Removed is an asbestos removal specialist with over 20 years of experience. we are a reliable A-Class licensed asbestos removal team in Melbourne, Victoria and can remove this dangerous material from your home or demolish the entire structure.

If you are planning a renovation and suspect the presence of asbestos, be sure to call asbestos removal Melbourne today. We know what to look for in your bathroom, eaves, kitchen, and even your outdoor shed. Our specialists suggest the best methods to safely remove asbestos. We take pride in responding to your queries fast, maintain great communication, and protecting you from the effects of asbestos.

How to deal with Asbestos

Inhaling Asbestos tile particles may damage your lungs. This material was widely used before the health risks were known. From roof shingles to floor tiles, many building materials are made of asbestos. It is very important to know the correct method of handling asbestos-containing bricks.

If the tiles are in good shape, they can be covered simply with another layer. If you cover the asbestos materials with another floor, you can protect the inside brick. This means that you will greatly reduce the risk of asbestos fiber entering the air. The benefit is that you can keep the original floor intact, saving time and money. Moreover, applying a primer on the floor to prevent any brick cracking or breaking is a good method.

However, if it is not in good shape, it must be demolished and processed. Once the asbestos tiles are damaged, the inside fiber is considered to be fragile and the asbestos fiber may spread in the air and the asbestos brick should only be removed. To determine the damage in your home, you should look for:

1.Broken corners or fragments


3.Scratches or scratches

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The asbestos fiber in the asbestos tile is tightly combined with the cement base structure, so normally, the asbestos tile will not release asbestos fiber, pollute the air or affect public health.

However, if these asbestos tiles are not properly handled or improperly removed, it is possible to release asbestos fibers that will float in the air for a very long time. In this case, inhalation of these asbestos fibers may endanger human health.

We are running asbestos removal companies Melbourne and fully licensed and insured technicians who can inspect your domestic, commercial, and industrial property. We have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to identify areas that contain asbestos, and then remove the material using safe and efficient methods. Whether you have asbestos in the ceilings or walls, we have experience in removing all kinds of asbestos from any part of the house. Furthermore, we also ensure that the safety of the occupants and dispose of the asbestos only at authorized disposal sites.

Our safety practice

Here at asbestos tile removal Melbourne, your safety is our number 1 priority when we demolish asbestos materials.

We will be glad to certify the work if need be and guarantee 100% demolish of asbestos. Licensed Class A & B

asbestos removal specialists, we can cover a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. A/B Class assessments and removals, clearance certificates, hazmat audits, and more services. We use appropriate hazard control techniques for all asbestos-related jobs.

We have always kept a safety record thanks to our team relies on proven safety techniques to carry out their work. All our asbestos removal services Melbourne are regulated strictly by WorkSafe in compliance with the OH&S Act.

For your complete peace of mind, please contact asbestos tile removal Melbourne, and our highly trained workers can come to you and advise on your building.