Published: 24th September
Asbestos Removal Services

How Much Does Asbestos Testing Cost in Melbourne?

Asbestos testing can save you thousands of dollars through improved health and secure residency. You can get rid of all worries that come with asbestos in your properties and homes.

Australians used asbestos in construction materials until 2003 when it was duly banned. Since then, asbestos is not even mined in Australia. It is especially widely present in homes and buildings constructed before 1990 because people at that time were unaware of the hazards of asbestos fibers.

So, when you are aware, why not take a professional service of Asbestos Removal Melbourne? Keep reading the article to uncover the importance of asbestos removal and finding the asbestos testing cost in Melbourne!

Why is Asbestos Removal Important?

Asbestos is a helpful material in construction as it possesses the qualities of a powerful insulator. On top of all, it has exceptional heat, corrosion and electricity resistance. That’s why it was once widely used in home construction and was added to paper, plastic, and clothes.

However, recent studies have concluded that inhaling asbestos fibers can lead to severe and critical diseases of lung cancer and genetic diseases. Over 4,000 people die every year from asbestos-related diseases.

So, that’s why asbestos removal is highly important for your health. Moreover, you can save big bucks once you live in a health-friendly environment.

After knowing all these shocking details, if you plan to renovate your homes or properties, consider trying some licensed asbestos removal companies for better inspection to find out even the last residues of asbestos.

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4 Cost Factors to Consider for Asbestos Testing

Considering the health and safety risk, asbestos testing for any old property becomes essential to be on the safe side. How much asbestos removal costs in Melbourne depends upon the following factors:

1.    The Size of the Property

One of the most critical factors influencing asbestos testing costs is size. The larger the building, the higher the expense. It is due to the large number of samples needed to ensure an asbestos-free home.

2.    Age and Condition 

A damaged and old property may make it more difficult for a professional to identify potential hazards, increasing costs. In addition, the longer it takes to access areas of concern, the more expensive a thorough check will be.

3.    Location

Asbestos is frequently found in old siding, ceilings, walls, floor tiles, attics, roofing materials, pipelines, and HVAC duct connectors. Smaller confirmations are less expensive, but this heavily depends on your location.

It includes both the asbestos infestation and where you live. Asbestos testing can be more costly in densely populated areas than in rural areas. Asbestos removal in Melbourne may be on the higher end because it is a big city.

4.    Additional Testing Costs

Depending on what the professional discovers, you may require additional testing. Water testing, for example, is necessary if you are inspecting your pipes. Depending on the project’s complexity, you may also require subfloor or insulation inspections, which will incur additional costs.

Asbestos Testing Procedures That Determine the Cost

When it comes to asbestos testing, there are various procedures to follow, each with a different cost. The following is a list of multiple procedures and their estimated costs.

Melbourne’s average asbestos testing price is between $80-$900. However, despite its high cost, testing is an essential step in ensuring your safety on your property.

1.    A Physical Sample 

Estimated Cost $250 – $750

It includes hiring a professional and submitting several samples for inspection to an accredited laboratory.

2.    Air Testing 

Estimated Cost $400-$1200

It entails keeping an eye on asbestos fibers. A professional will seal a specific volume of air into a filter over time to detect the presence of asbestos.

3.    Off-site costs 

Estimated Cost $50 – $100

While this is a low-cost option, you must collect a sample of the suspected material and send it to an accredited laboratory for testing. Off-site testing does not have a set turnaround time.

4.    A Dust Sample 

Estimated Cost $225 – $1200

For asbestos removal in Melbourne, lab testing may be one of the most expensive procedures. It will require you to provide at least some samples of settled dust on your property. A specific microscope is used to examine this sample.

Choosing An Asbestos Removal Service

Taking a chance with asbestos is not worth it since many houses in Melbourne are exposed to this. However, suppose you are unsure where to start. In that case, you can get a precise estimate from one of the Licensed Asbestos Removals in Melbourne, Victoria.

Asbestos Removed is a reliable asbestos testing company that offers competitive prices without hidden charges. So, get your industrial and residential properties tested today and have the peace of mind and safety you deserve.