Published: 20th July
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5 common myths about Asbestos

A group of six naturally occurring minerals that are primarily used in construction due to their fireproofing and chemical resistance are called asbestos. These are made up of thin microscopic fibres that offer strength to the construction. Such properties and features of asbestos gained them a lot of popularity and most of the people who were exposed to asbestos met with many diseases like cancer. The health hazards caused by asbestos made it known by the name of a silent killer.

During the 20th century, the usage of asbestos was widely popular throughout the United States and Australia for both commercial and non-commercial requirements. But once the side effects of being exposed to asbestos were proven, the removal of asbestos became mandatory and most of the countries banned its usage of the same. However, there are many myths and misconceptions regarding asbestos and we are going to help you clear them. It is essential to identify the facts and figures surrounding this topic, mainly because it can save many lives and reduce the number of people being affected by deadly diseases due to misunderstandings.

Most Common Myths Regarding Asbestos

Whether you are a business owner or a house owner, it is very crucial that you are aware of the techniques that are essential for identifying the presence of asbestos. The common misconceptions about asbestos can cause serious health hazards to your family or employees. Help yourself with accurate information and facts about asbestos, its identification, side effects and removal procedures.

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Given below are a few of the most common myths about asbestos:

1. Newly constructed properties are free from asbestos

Though the properties built after 2000 have a very lesser chance of having asbestos used in construction, it is not 100% accurate. If the property was built before 2000 or started construction before 2000, there are chances that it has used asbestos in the construction. It is better to seek professional guidance and advice about this.

2. Mesothelioma is contagious

Mesothelioma is a variant of cancer that typically affects the lungs. People who have had exposure to asbestos for more than 20 years have a higher chance of being infected by this disease. A common misconception about mesothelioma is that it can spread from one person to another which is entirely untrue. The disease will occur to a person only if he had direct contact or proximity to the product, that is, asbestos. This health condition is non-contagious and need not be feared about being transmitted from one infected person to another.

3. You can get rid of asbestos from your body if take quick action

The truth is that the symptoms after being exposed to asbestos will not be evident immediately. If you are worried about contact with asbestos, it is best to seek medical guidance as soon as possible.

4. Asbestos should be removed immediately after being found
By no chance should you ever try to remove asbestos without professional guidance and help? The removal of asbestos requires expertise to reduce the exposure of asbestos to more people and ensure proper disposal of asbestos.

5. A face mask will keep you safe from asbestos exposure

While working around the areas infected by asbestos, generic facemasks are not enough. High-quality professional masks that are specifically designed for the usage of asbestos removal experts are essential to minimize health damage.