Published: 14th September

What is an Asbestos Inspection?

An asbestos inspection must be executed for structures, buildings, and materials that contain asbestos. Signs of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) can put you in danger for various health problems. Any structure that utilizes ACMs should go through an asbestos inspection in Melbourne. This inspection includes asbestos testing results and reports on the premises. 

The report would incorporate photographs of the structure and the ACMs. The inspector will provide control proposals that would give the customer alternatives on the best way to manage the ACMs. These control suggestions are intended to help diminish the danger of exposure to the occupants of the building.


What to expect?

At the point you employ Asbestos Removed for your asbestos inspection needs, we will adhere to the local standards of inspections and audits. Book us and we’ll review your property. Each floor of the property will be investigated and studied independently. Only a prepared and qualified professional should perform the inspection. We’ll carefully examine each floor and give photographic proof of suspected ACMs. At which point Microscopic Analysis of all suspected ACM will be performed.

The outcomes from the examination will be investigated, and subsequent suggestions intended to deter or reduce any potential health risk will be provided. After, a total Asbestos Material Report and Register (AMRR) will be drafted. This will have a defined record of the structure that incorporates the area of any materials that contain asbestos, appraisal of the state of the ACMs, along with wellbeing and safety ratings.

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If asbestos is detected on the premises, then an appropriate management plan will be compiled accordingly.

This plan will state what should be done to control asbestos exposure until the ACM is eliminated entirely. The property owner must address the suggestions provided and recruit asbestos removal specialists if necessary before being able to obtain clearance for the building.

In the event that you have to have your property checked or you’d like an asbestos review in Melbourne, call Asbestos Removed on (03) 9798 3891