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Residential Asbestos Removal

We Remove Asbestos From Your House

Anywhere across Melbourne our highly trained guys can come to you and advise on your building.

We know what to look for in your kitchen, bathroom, eaves and even your outdoor shed.



Does Your House have Asbestos in it?

In your meals area?

It's usually quite safe if sealed and not disturbed but if you're going to renovate call in someone who knows what they are looking at.

We see more and more kitchens getting 'make overs' by the DIY home handymen and professionals and many don't realise they are handling asbestos until it's too late.

Kitchen With Asbestos

Kitchen with asbestos under tiles

Kitchen Without Asbestos

Kitchen with asbestos removed from under tiles


A lot of people renovating their homes don't realise where Asbestos can be. Many bathrooms from the 60's - 80's can have asbestos under the tiles and not just the splashback areas but under and around the baths, under the floors and showers.


Bathroom With Asbestos

Bathroom with asbestos behind tiles

Bathroom Without Asbestos

Bathroom with asbestos removed


Is your house over 20 years old with eaves around it?

We can come out and identify if it has Asbestos around it as it's not very easy for most people to determine.

Many eaves in houses over the past 50 years have asbestos and a lot of older sheds in the back yard.

If in doubt give us a call!

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Commercial Asbestos Removal

Building With Asbestos

Asbestos in eves before removal

Building Without Asbestos

Asbestos removed from eves of house